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A well known vocalist on the local music scene for many years, Kelly Osborne tells us about how she first got into singing, her current band, dreams for the future and how she is helping to develop the next generation of rock stars in Yeovil at Rock Club.

So how did your musical career start?

I have always been singing, from as young as I can remember music has had a huge impact in my life. Through my family, friends, school and social life I have always returned to music, and for me singing and performing on stage is like a magnet! I sang in a 5 piece school band, hunted out karaoke and open mice events to practice my skills and then 7 years ago a friend invited me to sing in a band and for me that was the start of something big, I knew then that I always wanted to be singing in a live band. Then having joined a Big Band, which I enjoyed so much I continued with them for the next few years singing in their community band at events, and gigs even my mum’s birthday. Currently I am working with my partner Ryan Leese and Stuart Curtin of Hundred Days on a acoustic trio, Big Whisky.

What is your style and who are your influences?

Growing up at home, we all loved music, the radio was always on and I had 3 sisters who all had different musical tastes, mainly 1980s dance music and chart music, classic tunes that I heard every week, which became the soundtrack to my life. My influences have changed through the years as I developed my own path. When I was younger it was mostly songs which were current and recording the charts onto tape was the highlight of my week, along with TOTP and the new videos. I also listened to Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, big bands like Glen Miller and the soulful Nina Simone.I thought Whitney Houston had the most perfect voice and when I saw Janet Jackson at my first ever concert I was mesmerised. However, although I would love to be able to sing all of the above music styles, I cannot. I love to sing Rock n Roll and Blues and ROCK!!!! Also some modern folk with its inviting sound and beautiful lyrics.I do have a powerful, deep voice and get lots of compliments on my tone. It tends to be less about the artist and more about the song. High energy bands, such as Muse or Queen of course are inspiring, but I keep returning to favourite albums by Martyn Joesph, KT Tunstall, Eva Cassidy and Newton Faulkner. Right now I am concentrating on acoustic songs, or songs which could work acoustically like Slash’s Back from Cali or FF the Best of you.

Which was your most memorable gig?

Tricky, as each gig means such a different thing to me. Perhaps my first gig in a local pub just outside Yeovil with a rock covers band. Nothing extraordinary happened, it was all the excitement and tension that had been building from rehearsal which paid off. A great night.

When did you start to run children’s music groups?

Having been involved in teaching primary school children, for nearly 10 years, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to develop my skills in teaching music; hymn practise, or ensemble singing for a school production, teaching music curriculum to years 5/6 or helping to organise the talent show. For the past three years I have worked for a youth music charity in Lyme Regis where we create original music at weekly sessions and record and perform at events. More recently, I’ve taken over running the fantastic Rock Club at The Emporium in Yeovil and teaching the incredible kids who attend these Saturday morning music sessions.

What is Rock Club all about?

Rock Club is a fun monthly “music making” session aimed at children aged 5 -15, where we can develop our musical skills. We run two different groups Rock Club Juniors, for 5 – 10 year olds and Rock Club Seniors for 10-15 year olds. We listen to music, learn about rhythm, pitch and play fun, silly games to build confidence. We try out different instruments such as drums, guitars and keyboards with our experienced music leaders. Writing our own original music, looking at different ways of creating lyrics. Sharing our music taste and skills and of course, we drink Rock Chocolate at breakfast!

How do we book in?

You can contact The Emporium in Yeovil and leave you details with them tel 01935 411378, you can also contact us and find out information on dates and content through the facebook page Rock Club Yeovil and of course at

What is your ambition for the future?

I am working hard to build music into my daily life. I would love to carry on with Rock Club and develop it further. I hope to teach music as enrichment in primary schools from September and continue singing where ever and when ever I can.

Thank you Kelly, it’s been great to learn more about you, best of luck with your future music ventures and keep up the great work with Rock Club!

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